Author Topic: My Jaw Surgery Blog - 2016 & need leads on other blogs please  (Read 423 times)


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Hi All!
My name is Theresa and I started my jaw surgery blog this year.  I am hoping to have the surgery before this year is up.  If any would like to follow it is:   Also, please leave me any leads on other blogs that are preparing to go through the surgery. I would really like to have a few friends I could reach out to and follow along with.  All of the blogs I have found, while wonderful and so helpful, have already had the surgery and don't post much anymore.
Thank you and lovely to meet everyone!
P.S. I am scheduled for a Lefort I Osteotomy and Bilateral Sagittall Osteotomy.  I'm rather sure I spelled those wrong, but my surgery paper is downstairs and I'm a bit too lazy to go get it :)