Author Topic: HOLY FUCK it's officially possible to elongate palpebral fissures with osteotomy  (Read 2446 times)


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Why do you want a lefort 3 greyandblue? As in what aesthetic goals do you have that you hope this will achieve?


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Are you still booked to have surgery with Dr. Sinn in February?

Greyandblue is getting the modified Lf3 done in January.

He told me that AFTER his LF3 surgery he will share everything he knows with me which is a LOT.

I wish him all the best for his surgery! 8)


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So I contacted the Don himself, Dr. Sinn, enquiring whether a palpebral fissure osteotomy could be performed to elongate the palpebral fissures by cutting the lateral orbital rim and moving it laterally with the lateral canthus attached. He said that not only is is possible, but that it is "feasible" and that he's performed it "in the past with good outcomes" and also that "risks minimal".

Elongated palpebral fissures play a significant role in facial aesthetics. Most of the very top male models have elongated palpebral fissures - Sean o pry, David Gandy, Francisco Lachowski, Atesh Salih.

This is novel, and potentially revolutionary,  news for us.


Do you think a medial canthoplasty in addition to a lateral canthoplasty could increase palpebral fissure length?


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This appears to be a dead thread but I will post in it regardless.

I have established contact with the authors/surgeons of a few pubmed articles that discuss the widening of the palpebral fissure via epicanthoplasty (alteration of the inner canthus) and lateral canthoplasty (alteration of the outer canthus). Currently, undergoing both of these -plastys allow for an slight increase in the width of ones palpebral fissure (read; eye length).

This "palpebral fissure osteotomy" supposedly offered by Sinn however, if feasible would allow for better augmentation.

I will be discussing the feasibility of the following:

- A "palpebral fissure osteotomy" in which the lateral orbital rim is moved horizontally would hypothetically allow more of one's eyeball to present itself in the horizontal plane combined with whichever canthoplasty is applicable.

- The widening of ones IPD by undergoing the above, coupled with an epicanthoplasty (procedure that can either shorten or lengthen the inner canthus) to shorten the inner canthus in addition to some form of orbital volume compensation via implants.

Hypothetically this would allow for an increase in ones IPD in accordance to what Sinn describes as "soft tissue manipulation".

- Lateral orbital rim expanded horizontally
- More eyeball presents itself
- Epicanthoplasty to shorten inner canthus
- Posterior orbital volume compensation to either push the eyeball outwards or inner orbital volume compensation to push the eyeball further horizontally.

Wider IPD, longer palpebral fissure... what gives...

Anyway I am still corresponding with the authors of the article.


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These images detail what I assume Dr Sinn referred to when he mentioned "Palpebral fissure osteotomy".

However these two images comprise one page in a journal as is literally the only reference or mention I have found that discussed such a procedure.