Author Topic: Anxiety and Jaw development  (Read 886 times)


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Re: Anxiety and Jaw development
« Reply #15 on: June 16, 2017, 04:20:03 AM »
I think it's funny you refer to 'pseudo science' then go on to state we should take your sole anecdotal experience as factual truth to validate the theory that 'the whole mouth breathing thing can't be completely true'. ;D

Well, using the word "anecdotal" implies that I understand that my experience is not a scientific study and nothing more than my interpretation of my own experience.

I know that it probably came off as if I dismiss the whole mouth breathing theory just because my own story contradicts it to a large extent, but that wasn't the intention.

What I was going at, which wasn't clear, is that I think there are far, far more factors involved in how our faces turn out than just having a faulty breathing pattern, tongue position, etc. I think faulty breathing patterns and long faces with hook noses are primarily the results of genetics, not the other way around.

The big question is whether or not epigenetics are influential in this developement, or if that's a minor contributing factor. I don't think the science on this is clear yet.


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Re: Anxiety and Jaw development
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We are the last doomed generation.