Author Topic: I became a full time patient advocate after jaw surgery -- let me help you!  (Read 192 times)


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Hi guys,

Posting this with permission of an admin. I've been around on boards/forums for years and continue to help people out through my own website even though my jaw journey is finally over for the most part.

I was a meteorologist when I went through my surgery experience, but after my journey I was motivated to switch careers and I am now a patient advocate full time. I joined a start up in the Bay Area that makes all of the battles that we face as patients easier. We just went public and I want to pass along our info to anybody who is battling insurance, your doctor, hospital, etc. If you are getting denied for something we'll fight it. If you have a ton of claims to file on your own we can file them. If a claim is not processed right we will go to bat and appeal. In worst cases we involve the insurance commission or state department of managed care to go to war for a patient. We make sure you bills are coded correctly and coded in a way that both covers the care you received and ensures maximum insurance reimbursement. If you need a bill negotiated we will work with your provider's office and your insurance to get a better outcome for you.

I wanted to plug us on here because I know a lot of jaw patients deal with hassles in the system and I know what I am doing can help. It's the reason why I left my cushy government weather gig. After my experience I like helping other patients out.

Check us out and sign up for our app!

PM me if you guys have any questions!