Author Topic: AnalyzeMyFace Appears to be a Scam  (Read 1269 times)


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Re: AnalyzeMyFace Appears to be a Scam
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Big Belly must be in on this scam, right?

He writes:

“AMF clients who come to my practice are better prepared and have more predictable, superior outcomes.”
Daniele Big Belly, MD

And SJ used him.

He gets referred to by the service. there is even a paper he wrote about his putting filler over SJ's CHIN WINGS. (Even 2 of them and after max fax were too high and short.)  Wonder how the CW doctor felt about SJ posing for a paper where the chin wings had to be 'improved' on by another doctor and one mind you who is a 'friend' of SJ. The paper avoids mention that the filler 'improvement' to the jaw area was after 2 chin wings by Dr. Z. Big Belly very well could be in the bag with SJ.

Italy, especially Rome, as beautiful and rich in heritage and arts and all that, can be a pretty rogue place when it comes to business standards and accords for promotion might be much more lax than in US. Big Belly's paper and SJ's Italian biz is aimed at US audience. His other Italian doctor, the one where someone got an INFECTION because the doctor had a high infection risk profile for implants and STILL placed them in there during a bi max surgery (Marianetti) wrote some paper where he was riding on the popularity of Arnett and Gunson and used their aesthetic research as a SPRING BOARD to tout M's aesthetic TVL. I saw it as an example of academic 'carpetbagging'. Of course, his other doctor, 'Z' got a lot of biz from SJ's activities too.

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Re: AnalyzeMyFace Appears to be a Scam
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He might be a moderator for /r/plasticsurgery. They accept open applications from people who spend time on there. So, chances are he'll be deleting it himself.
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