Author Topic: Wisdom teeth extraction permanent sensory nerve damage risk and sg questions  (Read 509 times)


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I'm not at all bothered by my frontal asymmetry. I've always felt generally happy with my face in pics slightly from the right all the way to right profile, and unhappy with the entire other side. I'd like to better understand why that is, and if it's fixable without anything too major, fix it.

You look FINE. Everyone has a 'good' side and if the asymmetry is not really noticeable from the FRONT, it's within norm everyone has it.
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I have a little asymetria too.
My whole face and my whole body is more developped on the left side. I have even less hair on the right side
It has never bother me.
Maybe have a consultation for body dysmorphic disorder. No direspect. But maybe a consultation with a psychologist will help you to accept your asymetria, finding the real reason it bothers you so much.

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It looks as though you are opening your jaws just a little in your photoo; i.e. to create more vertical length, or perhaps you're doing it on a subconscious  level. I mention this bc, I have done this for years and still continue to do it...for so long it's become  a nervous habit. I'm no expert, but  I think you have what looks to be good bone structure and nice teeth.  Looks like asymmetry is from the chin, small genioplasty procedure (alone) would do the trick. Just a movement to even things out. I don't think it's a problem with your jaw.  You don't seem to need any (chin) vertical, but only you can be the expert on that. I had upper and lowers extracted, and I too regret it. My extractions were part of bimax process, but, still-would put them back if I could. I agree, it does create this odd spacial-void in the mouth, esp. that upper jaw.