Author Topic: Do people who favor the "Anteface" look aim for an abnormally high SNA/SNB?  (Read 703 times)


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Re: Do people who favor the "Anteface" look aim for an abnormally high SNA/SNB?
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I dont have the Po, Or diagram.

My occlusal plane according to Downs and Clarck Analysis is 1.95

Kavan, I dont want to look like my old self. I want to have orthognatic profile, not prognathic. I want to have a normal occlusal plane and normal nasolabial angle. All those would make me look a bit more like my old self, but obviously different. What I got now I feel is way too much rotation. We will know for sure when I get my preop ceph analysis.

Actually, your IMGUR link,  does have where Po and Or points can be found. They were just not marked as were the other points. It's the line tangent to the lower orbital rim. This reveals your Frankfort Horizont is NOT horizontal. It's about  8 degrees deviant from a horizont.  The S-N line also deviates 5 degrees from the norm inclination of 7 degrees away from a true horizont.

It's hard to have a truly orthognathic profile when the Frankfort line deviates a lot from a true horizont and when the S-N line also deviates in excess of 7 degrees of a horizont. Also, these measures you find in these auto generated ceph analysis are going to be 'off' when the deviation of the reference 'horizonts', themselves are 'off'. So, that's when adjustments need to be made for balance as to compensate for 'horizonts' that DEVIATE too much from horizontal.

You know, the ANCIENTS used pure horizonts and pure verticals in accordance with esoteric geometry of balance to construct  ideal proportions and angles when designing a face. None of this cephX stuff.  Looks like your doctor also used a pure horizont for the OP (which is around 6 degrees with reference to that) and gave you a good vertical line up for the face.

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This is my preop diagram:

My occ plane was 15.98 according to Steiner analysis.

I had 10 degrees of CCW when my preop occlusal plane was flat, is that correct? Isn't that madness? I feel that is what makes me look protruded, what messes up my nasolabial angle... So I think that is the problem, the massive unnecessary CCW rotation.

Should I open a new post about this not to fill this ante face thread?

I don't care if you post here or in a new thread. I'm not particular that way.

One thing I'll say that's interesting is how your SN line is so angled compared to your other lines. Your preop has almost everything else parallel except your SN line. But yeah your jaws looked pretty flat already and that ccw put them way out of alignment.

Did you have a very masculine face before the jaw surgery? I have a theory that generally parallel facial planes looks more masculine. Little girls in particular have planes that di verge greatly like a fan opening and radiating out to the right.

My face has too much divergence opening to the right and it makes my face look beta and weak I think. Not manly. I'll post my diagram here to compare just because we have such different ones and I think it's interesting. Sadly I don't have my original preop xrays.


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I just think it's funny to point out how incredibly different our facial lines are.

I'm going to make a separate thread for my own advice request.

But pertinent to the thread, I already have a slightly high SNA/SNB according to cephx...

However Sassouni analysis shows my upper jaw as retruded by about 4 mm and Wits shows class 3 also by 4 mm.

I think judging jaw positions requires a very holistic approach looking at all these analyses to tell.

How was your Sassouni?