Author Topic: Best Up and Coming (or Less Mentioned) Modern Jaw Surgeons?  (Read 158 times)


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Best Up and Coming (or Less Mentioned) Modern Jaw Surgeons?
« on: January 03, 2018, 09:32:37 PM »
The two biggest problems I am encountering while looking at the "best names" in jaw surgery are:

1) Excessive wait times and poor surgeon access.
2) Potential for greed leading to compromised surgical planning once the surgeon becomes complacent or gets involved with 3rd party device manufacturers.

I think you'll know which surgeon I mean by #1 and which by #2 (free to PM me if not). Plus the cost gets extreme either way.

This has led me to wonder: Who are the best up and coming (or just less mentioned) jaw surgeons?

A good younger surgeon would ideally have the following attributes:

- Well trained in modern techniques.
- Eager to do a good job and spend the extra time on each case to make sure it goes carefully and well.
- Lower price for more available service.
- No third party liabilities and good, in-tact ethical practices.

I would like to try to make a list of good surgeons who might fit this profile. Ideally, they should be trained and competent in modern techniques like CCW with downgrafting and multipiece LF1 with HA or bone grafting.

The biggest contenders I have found to start are:

1) Dr. Alex Antipov:

- Good aesthetic cases on his website.
- Does CCW though I'm not sure if with posterior downgrafting.
- Not sure of his position/skill with multipiece LF1.
- Great reviews online, although many are for simple extractions.

2) Dr. Reza Mohaved:

- Reasonable aesthetic cases on his website.
- Was apparently trained by Wolford (according to a review someone posted on Wolford's ratemds) & has has co-authored articles with Wolford, so in principle should likely offer the same basic procedures as Wolford.
- Incredible reviews online - seems to be really detail-oriented.

3) Dr. Robert Relle:

- Not exactly an "up and comer" since he's been around a long time, but seems to be a very good surgeon who people don't talk about much.
- Handles segmental LF1 and revisions.
- Good reviews online - apparently very detail-oriented consults.

I certainly plan to get a consult from Antipov. Probably Mohaved as well. Likely Relle.

Any other doctors I should add to the list or consider?
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Re: Best Up and Coming (or Less Mentioned) Modern Jaw Surgeons?
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2018, 08:48:04 PM »
I think Antipov is going to be considered one of the future greats.

For example this case:

Many surgeons would have fucked that up and not been so bold as to do 1 cm maxillary advancement with grafting, 3 piece LF1, and BSSO for additional advancement.

But a great outcome.

I hope he has some ideas for me. I'm booking him for sure.