Author Topic: Could I have surgery first any recommendations of doctors who use this approach  (Read 97 times)


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I have had braces to correct a slight underbite when I was younger
I now have a edge to edge bite
My profile and bone structure looks like I have a underbite
Small and back maxillary
Larger mandilla
Flat cheeks and a droopy nose
I assume my nose drops more then it would if the maxillary was more forward to support it
I have had a consultation with Prof Raffini
He said to correct the bone structure
He would advice
A set of orthodontics to create a underbite in my teeth position
Then do surgery
My teeth are straight
However the top have been pushed forward to mask the underbite
That if he done surgery without orthodontics
I would have a my bone structure corrected then my bite of
I have read that it's possible to do surgery first
Then use orthodontics
Could anyone recommend a maxillofacial surgeon
In Europe that could do that
I have seen also paranasal implants
In what I feel could improve my bone structure 
Could anyone recommend some where in Europe that can do that
I have searched the uk
I spoke with mr Paul Johnsons secretary
She said if I come for a consultation
He could see if surgery first was an option
Has anyone else had or read someone who has a similar case
I have a online face to face consultation with prof sailer from Sweden this week
I have also contacted the maxillofacialinsitution Brussels
They have asked me to mail some moles over
Could anyone give me some reviews on these surgeons


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Surgery first is good for people with underbite. But they still have to check whether you are a candidate for the braces to prep for it or if you can get them after the surgery.

Underbites are often associated with a retrusive upper jaw for which Lefort 1 to advance forward is needed. The forward advancement of the L1 also brings forward the PARANASAL area. So you would NOT need paranasal implants if you were getting a Lefort 1 which would be part of the maxfax surgery you would be getting, whether or not it was surgery first or surgery after braces.
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Your post is written in stanzas like a poem. I kind of read it as one.

Paul Johnson has varied feedback here i.e. largely not great. Do you have any photos? Did Sailer recommend anything specific?